Our Philosophy: Director and founder Guy Slocum talks about what makes Sentinel International different. And what that means to you.

Over seventeen years as an independent consultant in offshore investment has served to reinforce the premise that forms the core of Sentinel International's operating ethos: the customer is the ultimate boss.

I seek consultants who understand and adhere to this credo as a matter of personal belief. And sound business practice. Our clients have become successful by knowing what they want. Our success depends upon delivering it.

This makes us different. And it opens up a whole new world of investment opportunities for our clients. Offshore.

Most of our clients are invested elsewhere when they come to us. They stay because the investment benefits offshore cannot be matched elsewhere. Established institutions. Solid fund managers. Flexibility. Investor protection. Tax efficiency. Confidentiality. This is in addition to Sentinel's hallmark Dynamic Fund Switching.

Providing access and client oriented service in a way that other investment consultants seldom achieve underscores the Sentinel way.

Our philosophy and specialization in offshore investment vehicles has today given Sentinel a client base that spans the globe by both region and industry. Our Latin American clients are the newest and sure to become fastest growing members of our international family.

Once you get to know us I'm sure you'll appreciate the reasons why.


Albert Camus 1913-1960

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