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Sentinel International is capable of looking after all client needs across the entire world. Current economic trends are clearly the beginning of a period of unprecedented development and growth in this world market. And the benefits being realized have already begun to create special financial considerations for those internationally minded professionals who are the architects of this positive change. We're here to stay, because you and your business are.


It's not enough to understand investments. Understanding people comes first. Our expertise at Sentinel lies in listening to what you want in an investment, and tailoring a package to your satisfaction. We'll ask the right questions. Your answers will direct us to the investment package that fulfills your stipulated goals.


Our unique corporate culture is best displayed in the selection and training of our investment consultants. We've never sought to limit our hiring to professionals who have been trained to work in finance. Instead, we look for people possessing a key set of qualities: intelligence, drive, curiosity, creativity, and expansive views that will allow them to view from your perspective the investment options that are right for you.

New recruits train and work under the immediate tutelage of our director. Here they learn the Sentinel approach to investment counseling. This fosters a fresh perspective without having to undo the institutional biases that are all too often learned elsewhere in the market.


When you speak to one of our consultants you receive unbiased counsel. Our offshore investment advice is not bound to any single provider of investment vehicles. Be it the establishment of an offshore company, trust or bank account, an investment in funds, or procuring international medical, life, or business insurance coverage there are no set limits.

When receiving financial advice, conflict of interest is a legitimate concern. Our legitimate concern is you.

Our Philosophy:

Director and founder Guy Slocum talks about what makes Sentinel International different. And what that means to you.

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